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Financing Options By Frisinger Dental

At Frisinger Dental we understand that not all dental procedures, however necessary they are, come financially easy. In line with our mission to bring quality dental care to our patients we provide various financial plans to make it easier for you to complete your dental treatment.

Affordable Smiles Program

We are very excited to share this plan with you and your family. We know how hard it is to pay for routine dental care when you do not have dental insurance. We listened to you and created the Affordable Smiles Program to help you get the dental care you need and deserve at a reasonable price. Our Affordable Smiles program offers you preventative care (cleanings, exams, and necessary x-rays) for an affordable monthly fee. Plus you receive an additional 15% discount on any other dental treatment(s) that you may need. Call our office today for more details and a free consultation.

Dental Insurance

We gladly bill your dental insurance as a courtesy. We are currently preferred providers for Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oregon, Cigna, Delta Dental/MODA, Dentemax, MetLife, VA and United Concordia insurance companies. We also accept most other insurances.

In order to keep our fees as low as possible, we ask that payment be made at the time of service. If you have insurance, your estimated patient portion will be due at the time of service. We will provide you an estimate for services in advance of your appointments, go over payment options and answer any questions you may have.

For your convenience, we offer several payment options:

  1. Cash
  2. Personal Checks
  3. Visa, MasterCard & Discover
  4. DocPay
  5. Credit Approval

We also offer up to 12 MONTHS NO INTEREST payment plans through Care Credit upon approval. You can click the link below and apply.

For more information about Care Credit, call our office or go to www.carecredit.com.

Here at Frisinger Dental, we want to make sure that you get all the assistance that you need, even with simple inquiries about our services and billing procedures. Call us today at (541) 504-0880 to get your preliminary questions answered by our knowledgeable staff.

Patient Education

Consuming a diet that is high in sugar increases the risk of dental cavities. Sugars react with the bacteria in your mouth and produce harmful acids that are present for up to one hour after consumption. Frequent snacking on sugary foods increase acid attacks on the teeth which increases the risk of tooth decay. Many people have incorporated the use of sugar substitutes into their diets. We would like to introduce you to Xylitol which is a natural sweetener derived from plants with no additives or fillers. It is GMO and Gluten free. Xylitol is a safe choice for those on a sugar controlled diet as it has a low glycemic index. Xylitol doesn't leave that bad after taste that many other sugar substitutes leave and is one of the only products that helps fight tooth decay. We offer a variety of xylitol products including gum, mints, mouth wash, nasal spray, floss and tooth paste. Xylo-sweet is also great for baking-as it doesn't change the consistency or taste of your favorite desserts and converts 1:1 with sugar. We also offer Xylimelts for those who suffer from dry mouth associated with taking certain medications. Come in and see our wide variety of products.
Bruxism/Grinding of the Teeth
Bruxism is the habit of grinding or clenching your teeth. When you grind your teeth together, you slide your teeth back and forth over each other. Clenching is the habit of tightly holding your top and bottom teeth together. Bruxism can happen in children and adults of any age. Many people grind and clench during the night and some even wake themselves up from the noise which can be so loud other people can hear it.

Common symptoms of bruxism:

1. Sore Jaw
2. Clicking or popping in the jaw
3. Headache or earache
4. Frequent toothaches
5. Tooth sensitivity
6. Facial pain
7. Tongue indentations
8. Worn or cracked teeth or fillings

Bruxism has no specific cause but is believed to be associated with stress, abnormal bite (teeth that are not aligned properly) or sleep disorders. We can diagnose bruxism by checking for unusual wear patterns on your teeth and looking at any related symptoms you may be having.

Treatment for bruxism depends one each individual's situation. Treatment may include stress reduction methods, exercises to relax the jaw muscles or a protective night guard that is worn at night to help protect the teeth from grinding or clenching. Since bruxism has many causes, you may need to try a few different treatments to find out what works best for you. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above and would like to address your concerns, call our office today to schedule an appointment.
Xerostomia/Dry Mouth
Dry mouth or xerostomia refers to a condition in which your mouth is unusually dry. Most often dry mouth is the result of the decrease in saliva produced by the salivary glands in your mouth. Xerostomia is also a common side effect of medications and chemotherapy treatments. Dry mouth is a common problem that can range from a nuisance to a larger problem that has an impact on your general health and the health of your teeth.

Saliva helps prevent tooth decay by neutralizing acids produced by bacteria. Saliva limits bacterial growth and helps wash away food particles in the mouth and makes the food easier to swallow. There are also enzymes in the saliva that aid in digestion.

Symptoms of xerostomia:

1. Dryness in the mouth and throat
2. Difficulty speaking, chewing and swallowing
3. Bad breath
4. Change in taste
5. More frequent tooth decay
6. Gum irritation

Decreased saliva and xerostomia can lead to:

1. Increased plaque, tooth decay and gum disease
2. Coated tongue
3. Sores in the mouth
4. Fungal infections in your mouth
5. Cracked lips or sores in the corner of your mouth

Treatment for xerostomia depends on the severity of each individual. If you are experiencing dry mouth and would like to schedule an appointment for evaluation, please call our office, we will be happy to review your medical history and discuss treatment options.